An Overview of ICSI Treatment Delhi, India

Published By ART Baby, 28 Sep 2017

An Overview of ICSI Treatment Delhi, India

ICSI is a short form of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection and is part of assisted reproduction. IVF ICSI is one of the processes used by an infertile couple facing issues in conceiving a child. ICSI is used to treat male factor infertility. ICSI treatment can be done at various Egg donation Center in Delhi, NCR. During the starting phase a semen analysis and investigation is done to find out whether any problem is there or not and poor semen will indicate that ICSI Treatment Delhi, India is required. There are various reasons to conduct ICSI treatment Delhi, India. If a male has a severe chance of infertility, this process is conducted.

· When sperm count of a male is very low in the medical term it is known as oligospermia.

· When male sperm does not move fast it is known as asthenozoospermia.

During ICSI a single sperm is taken by the embryologist through specific equipment known as micromanipulator. After that, it injected into matured eggs. This process overcomes the problems of sperms and also morphological problems. This treatment was used previously mainly in dealing with male factor infertility, but with the change in the time, it also deals with treatment cycles. Now, this treatment is used where there is a poor fertilization rate using IVF, where infertility cannot be explained and also where you do not get any indication of poor sperm as well.

For men who have a tough time in ejecting their sperm, there is a process called testicular retrieval also called TESE. If sperm needs to be retrieved from TESE than ICSI treatment is very much required. Some clinics perform ICSI treatment for that man having a severe problem in infertility while others use a broader view of the infertility issues. ICSI treatment has a huge success rate, well it also depends on certain factors too that how skillful and trained the person is who is performing the procedure and what techniques are used for ICSI treatment in Delhi, India.

This process of ICSI is somewhat alike as IVF. This process is done inside a laboratory and with few IVF treatments, fertility drugs are taken. Blood test in addition to ultrasound is conducted which will monitor the progress. The male partner will give the sample of sperm same day. The eggs will be injected with sperm and wait till it becomes fertilized. After that, a healthy one among them is transferred to the uterus.

Ø ICSI is a safe and prominent method of treating male infertility issue.

Ø ICSI also increase the rate of fertilization than expected as in case of previously failed fertilization with insemination.

Ø This treatment is beneficial for those who are already going through with PGT.

Ø The success rate of ICSI is similar to the rates vitro fertilization.

Ø During this treatment Doctors transplant more than one or two embryos into the uterus with the help of cervix through catheter and embryos are transferred after two or three days of fertilization or even after five days. If everything goes well and properly embryos will be attached to uterus wall and after the process 2 weeks later it is advised to do a pregnancy test.

The success rate of ICSI is better than IVF. ICSI has helped various couples who were facing problem in conceiving a child. Before taking this treatment it is important to consult your Egg donation center in Delhi, NCR or professional experts. A proper consultation is needed before going through with medication process. If you have certain doubts in your mind related to this process proper counseling and screening session are conducted by Egg donation centers in India.

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