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Published By Personal Systems, 12 Sep 2017


Safety is one of the most serious needs of man. When a man has food, shelter and clothing, the next thing a man needs is a sense of belonging and safety. A man or woman for that matter should be able to relax in the comfort of his /her home and dwell in safety knowing that nothing evil will happen to him. For those who have aged parents who they are taking care of or living with them, safety is important and in cases of emergency, it is important for them to be able to contact us for us to come to their aid for their safety.

About Sure Safe

Sure Safe is a subsidiary of Bora health limited in the UK. This company is a private owned company which has the mandate of providing gadgets and equipment to make sure that elderly ones are safe. The idea behind the work this company does is the need to keep elderly ones safe at all points in time. In situations where elderly people have to be left at home, it is important that their safety is paramount. Suresafe is very serious about customer satisfaction, health and wellbeing of seniors within the society. The company has grown from just being in the UK to having subsidiaries in the United States and Australia.


Affordability- the company realizes that costs militates against provision of quality health care and so they have factored that into their operations. They have made sure that the gadgets being sold are as cheap as they can be without compromising quality.


These  gadgets are self-installed and do not need special training for them to be installed. This way anyone with a basic understanding of electronics should be able to set up their systems and work with them.

No Middle men

In other to lower cost to the barest minimum, suresafe insists that their company will not deal with middle men who have a way and manner of jacking up price of equipment without need. They  deal directly with the final consumer and they have made it possible for clients to contact them by phone and buy online from them.


They do have a lot of products which they offer to help keep the elderly ones safe and these products are designed with safety in mind.

1.    Sure Safe Connect- this gadget is like a pendant which is a Personal Alarm Service UK device with which one can use to communicate with elderly people. All that needs to be done is that the elderly ones wear the pendant every time and it keeps them in touch with their loved ones. that way clients know where their elderly ones are at every point in time.

2.    Fall Detection Alarm- they have an alarm system that is a Personal Alarms for the Elderly UK.

That ensures that if the person falls, relatives can get an alert and begin to run home to try to help the person or send him help.

There are many products which they offer at an affordable rate and are willing and ready to do business with clients all the time.

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