About Article Washers And Its Applications, Advantages

Published By Mahesh H S, 5 Oct 2017

About Article Washers And Its Applications, Advantages

The “Washer” is part of ‘Fastener’ which is a thin metal, small circular hole in the middle used as in union with screws, nuts and bolts. Some washers are specially designed that attempts to prevent the screw, nut or bolt loosening from the material. The washers are always placed on the nut side with the material and not on the bolt side. This technique prevents the nut from loosening by firmly locking it and evenly distributes the pressure on the nut or bolt when it undergoes vibration or rough surfaces.
The Washers are generally classified into three types, They are:
1. Spring,
2. Plain and
3. Locking.
The Lock washers are made of Monel-K500 alloy, bronze, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, phosphor-bronze alloy and carbon steel.
Some of the Applications of the Washers are:
1. In transportation related like Railways, Automotive, Aircraft and Marine, Automotive etc.
2. In household appliances like washing machines, Refrigerators etc. Plain washers offer some sort of electrical Insulation.
3. Plain washers also used in Automobiles and wood works. It used on exterior walls of house buildings, for structural reinforcement.

Advantages Of The Washers are:

1. Washers spread the load of a screwed fastening, thus preventing damage to the nuts and bolts. 

2. Locking washer prevent the loosening/unscrewing of fasteners.

3. They are easily available, lightweight and low-cost. 

4. Non-metallic washers absorb shock, noise and vibrations.

5. These are corrosion resistant and having a lower coefficient of friction.