A Click Can Propel Your Business

Published By Naveen Kumar, 8 Sep 2017

PPC or Pay Per Click is a novel idea for online marketing. This works when you need to divert volumes of internet traffic to your site quickly. Search engines like Google etc invite advertisers to book a slot for their advertisement or website listing on the pages of their search results. This booking is done by bidding and the highest bidders get the slot. The websites of the advertisers are placed there and they pay to the search engine companies for every click a user does on their advertisement.

PPC may look simple in the sense that if you are ready to spend more and get a top slot on the search engine, you are able to maximize your chances that the potential customers click your advertisement and visit your business.  However, it may prove risky because the cost runs up very fast making you spend a lot. Even then you may not get the expected business boost if the total campaign is not properly planned and executed accordingly.

In case you are looking for professional PPC services India can offer to take the instant benefits of this marketing tool, you come to the right place at JDM Web Technologies.  We take this as a challenging task to fetch our clients the maximum benefits with our experience and expertise in the field.

We at JDM take pride in our performance and achievements in PPC marketing. We take a scientific and systematic approach to all aspects of PPC, keep ourselves updated with the ever changing market scenario, work out to keep the PPC costs to the minimum and devise suitable strategies to maximizing benefits for our clients. 

  • In line with your requirements, business goals, priorities, budget etc we work out the campaign strategy.

  • The strategy is implemented by streamlining the campaign with lower costs per click and higher click possibilities.

  • We help select the niche keywords which represent your business the best. We have seen generic keywords are not of much help.

  • The advertisement content is of great importance. We select short, crispy, catchy phrases to engage the visitors and generate their interest in your advertised products and services. The quality of the advertisement also has an impact on the bidding amount and we at JDM ensure to pull it down to the minimum for you.

  • Visitors’ conversion is tracked; how many of them register after visiting or make purchase inquiries. This may not be an immediate sale but definitely may lead to that.

  • We collect data, analyze them and submit personalized reports to you. We keep track of the costs of clicks vis-a-vis customer inquiries and conversions.

  • Furthermore, we keep an eye on the campaign for you; check changing situations and take corrective actions accordingly.

As the next step to your PPC campaign, Google Adwords offers you a platform to create a target audience of your probable customers visiting your site. You can further influence them by special image or video advertisements. You will find JDM Web Technologies, a premium frontline Google Adwords company India to further boost up your campaign and business to greater heights.

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