8 Online Resources That Can Help Create Flawless Essays

Published By John Hopkins, 2 Jan 2018

8 Online Resources That Can Help Create Flawless Essays

At a very young age, we all learned the fact that we, the humans, are social animals and we require each other's help to survive in this world. You must be wondering, what is the point of that reference and how does that even relate to essay writing. Well, the academic world is also full of challenges and to tackle those challenges on a regular basis, a student requires some level of assistance. Since you are reading this article, it is okay to assume that you are a student. Whether you are in school, college or a university, the requirement for an excellent essay remains constant in all the cases.

Essay writing are quite important for students. At least, that is the popular belief. Whether you pursue the profession of a journalist, an engineer, a business owner, a manager or a marketing expert, the ability to express yourself through a well-structured piece of writing can always be beneficial to you. But it cannot be ignored that not all of us are born writers. While some develop it through years of practice, some cannot due to lack of interest. If you belong to the second group, there's no need to feel bad about it. You may not develop your writing skills overnight, but you can certainly produce an excellent essay with the help of a few online tools.

1.   Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a popular video conferencing tool that allows the user to interact with others from a great distance. You can use this tool to communicate with your tutor remotely. What makes Hangouts more interesting are its amazing features that include instant messaging, video chatting, screen sharing and much more. In fact, this tool allows you to interact with 9 other users at the same time, which means you and your friends can have a small interactive session with your teacher, even if he/she is out of town. It breaks the geographical barrier and provides the opportunity to have face-to-face communication.

Another marvellous thing about this tool is that you can access it through mobile apps, so now you can interact with your online tutor on the go. Being a product of Google, it allows you to use other online tools from Google, such as Google Drive, Google+, and Google Docs simultaneously. It also allows saves your chat histories and files, so that you can use them for the future references. If you want some essay writing assistance from an online tutor, this can be quite useful for you.

2.   GlobalScholar

GlobalScholar is a unique online education platform that allows the parents and the students to connect with educators and tutors online for one-on-one self-paced learning, tutoring or homework help. One of its features allows the tutor to build a customized learning environment that can help the students remain focused. In fact, it can also be used by the school authorities to enable the teachers to create, manage and line up curriculum, assessments, supplemental learning and content.

This tool allows the tutors not only to teach or share information but also to track the progress of the particular student. On the other hand, parents and students can find several pre-screened tutors for various subjects and different levels and hire them for tutoring sessions or one-time help with essay writing. The sessions take place on GlobalScholar website, where they provide online whiteboard, instant messaging (audio/video), archiving, and billing. You can also sharpen your essay writing skills by joining the tutoring sessions or accessing on-time help from a tutor.

3.   Skype

You might be aware of this video conferencing app already as it is used by millions of people on a regular basis to have face-to-face interaction remotely through video chats. One of the main reasons why Skype is so popular is its high quality output. Well, you might have used Skype to communicate with friends and family till now, but there are other significant uses of this online tool that might not have crossed your mind yet. Like Google Hangouts, it can also be used for online tutoring where you can use some extra tutoring time with the tutor.

The application is already being used in several schools and colleges where the students are getting the opportunity to interact with international lecturers and obtain a global perspective on a particular subject. Well, you can also collaborate with your friends on group projects over Skype and work on the problem together without leaving your home. Skype also allows you to share files, use split screens, save your chat histories. All these features can make your online tutoring sessions simpler and hassle-free.

4.   Grammarly

You may not be able to produce an excellent essay if there’s enough number of grammatical errors and wrong use of punctuations. Thankfully, you can detect such errors instantly with the help of Grammarly. Grammarly is an online tool that allows you to check and fix you spelling and grammar of a particular document. It has both free and premium versions (paid). The free version allows the user to identify the grammatical and spelling errors, while the paid version enables you with an additional feature of plagiarism checking. It also isolates poorly constructed sentences, wordiness, redundancy and repetition.

The proofreading and plagiarism-checking resources of plagiarism check more than 250 grammar rules. You can also set the platform in either American English or British English. The tool not only allows you to detect the errors but also make some useful suggestions that can help improve the quality of the essay. The paid version of the application also provides with a plagiarism report which currently holds a great significance in the academic sphere.

5.   iDroo

Video conferencing tools like Skype can be really useful in establishing a connection with online tutors, but in some cases, face-to-face interactions are not enough to educate students from a distance. The conventional use of Skype may not be ideal for the subjects that require more interaction and instructions. Well, IDroo is an online tool that works with Skype to fix this issue. It introduces the whiteboard feature on Skype that allows the online tutors to demonstrate the instructions freely.

The tool is quite flexible and offers a freehand on the whiteboard where the user can draw line, shapes, write formula/equations and erase things according to their will. You can also upload images, Word, PDF, and other documents and work on them with ease. In fact, the whiteboard in IDroo is infinite in every direction. So you can work on the same board for as long as you want. The tool works on all devices with ease, so there’s no need to download a separate app for it.

6.   BioMed Central

BioMed Central is an online open access publisher that stores more than 250 scientific journals covering the areas of Chemistry, Biology, Medical and others. One of the interesting facts about the journals that are published on the website is reviewed by the experts. This ensures that all these journals are genuine and accurate and can be used as reference material in relevant content. This can be a great place to start your research if you are working on an essay on chemistry or biology. BioMed Central is the largest open access science publisher which where most of the journals can be accessed freely. Some journals require paid subscriptions, but otherwise, it is a great place to find meticulous data on science topics.

7.   BibMe

One of the most tiring parts of academic content drafting is building the bibliographies and references lists with compliance to a particular referencing style. Though it is a crucial part of the writing process, nobody likes going through the used sources and cite the references after hours of toil behind the main content. Well, BibMe is a useful online tool that makes things easier for the students. When you use some source (books, or journals) for your essay, this tool can keep track of it. When you are done writing it, you can download the automatically generated list which will have all the necessary details in an organized format in the choice of your referencing style. It can offer bibliography in APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian formats.

8.   Hemingway Editor

Hemingway editor is an online platform that helps the writers to identify various ways to enhance their writing. You can improve your proofreading and writing skills by using this tool. Like Grammarly, it also detects the errors in your paper. But it is quite easy to use. It detects the errors with color codes in the editing mode, plus it also provides document information like the number of paragraphs, sentences, word, characters, and letter counts which can all be quite useful for the young writers. It also provides the user with a sense of readability.

Apart from these aforementioned online tools, there are a few other online resources that can also be quite effective in improving your essay writing skills. Some of them are listed below.

·         Readability Score

It is futile to add paragraphs after paragraphs if nobody understands what you are trying to say. You need to understand that you are writing the content for the readers. Don’t complicate the language by trying to sound smart. This tool tells you whether your content is reader-friendly, or does it require a different level of understanding to comprehend your writing. Besides, it also makes suggestions through which you can improve the overall readability of the content.

·         Back to school

The first year in college can be both exciting and intimidating, at the same time. In fact, most of the students feel jittery while starting their new life as a college student. “Back to school: Tips and tools to get prepared” provides you with the necessary assistance to cope with the transition with a lot of practical tips as well as plenty of writing tools for you to arm yourself for the upcoming challenges.

·         Essay Punch

If essay writing isn't really your forte, and your tutor doesn't have the time to assist you in the task, this tool can come in handy in this situation. It has online tutorials that can teach you how to improve your writing skills and produce brilliant essays.

·         Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, which is named after the inventor of portable type printer, is an online platform that offers over 54,000 free e-books. It supposedly has the largest collection of books on the internet. If you are looking for meticulous data for your essay, this can provide you with all the books that may provide you with the relevant information.

Thanks to the internet revolution, it has become a lot easier for the students to get customized help for essay writing from the comfort of their home. Now you cannot blame your writing skills for receiving poor grades on your essay. Go on and explore these online resources and produce excellent essays without facing any roadblocks.