7 Steps to Fix Hotmail Error 85010014 in Windows Phone

Published By ADV Software, 2 Nov 2017

7 Steps to Fix Hotmail Error 85010014 in Windows Phone
You can’t find any single person who hasn’t taken any technical support from any service provider team. When it comes to hotmail service, then you are not alone in the crowd. You will find out so many people by your side. But not all people face similar problem. Sometimes, they face different problems but the signs of that problems match to each other. Only expert team can able to differentiate this. Otherwise, if you try to figure out the problem, it will take huge time and sometimes it will be a wrong attempt. That’s why Hotmail customer service is always at your service whenever you want. From creating an account under hotmail to expanding account storage capacity and many other problems –is not a headache anymore.
Now days, internet system has enhanced it usage in mobile phone too. That’s why people always want to stay connected with their office, friends etc. But it is very awkward situation when someone’s has to check email (under hotmail) but fail to do that. A phone never limits itself for mere audio conversation. Through a high end phone one can do email, video calling, voice chat and many more things. Without sitting on desktop or laptop, a person can send a mail through his or her phone. But if the email service doesn’t work well, then they have to think to change the email service provider or to create another email account. With very limited knowledge, it is difficult to sort out any technical problem, especially when the users see some error code during accessing hotmail in their high end phone. That’s why help from Hotmail customer service, is necessary.
If you have windows phone 8.1 version and thinking about to access hotmail account then you may face an error code 85010014 which prevents you from accessing own account from your newly bought phone. It is very irritating, isn’t it? But you need some urgent solutions which are available from the Hotmail customer service team only. They advice the users to follow some easy steps which are discussed below-
  • Firstly, users need to open their email settings in their windows phone.
  • Then, users need to tap on ‘’email+ accounts’’ option by scrolling down the email settings option.
  • After that, users need to open Microsoft account.
  • Then, users are instructed to choose the server settings by tapping on that option.
  • Next, users need to check that the server have listed hotmail .com or not.
  • Hotmail customer service team advice, if the users see any another web link then, they need to change it to hotmail. com.
  • Then, users need to save the entire steps and take an attempt for login.

If you are not satisfied with the above mentioned steps, then you can talk with the Hotmail customer service team directly. There is a toll free helpline number which known as Hotmail support number, is available for 24x7 hours basis. Hotmail technicians always attend phone calls without any irritation. You don’t have to think about what is the right time to call them or not. You can ask for customized service package too.