5 Reasons to Purchase an X-Men T-Shirt Today

Published By Danny Kanfy, 11 Sep 2017

5 Reasons to Purchase an X-Men T-Shirt Today

Artists and illustrators have created a lot of superheroes. So many of these protagonists can be found in the comic books of Marvel, DC, Image, and Vertigo. Over time, these characters became iconic and recognizable by all. However, among all of the superheroes out there, an astounding number of people are drawn to the X-Men by Marvel.

X-Men’s popularity has led to films and television shows, there are even action figures and a whole lot of wearable merchandise. In particular, the X-Men are featured on t-shirts of all colors and designs. Don’t own an X-Men t-shirt yet even though you are a fan? Here are five reasons to Buy X-Men Printed T-Shirts right now.

#1: X-Men is an Underdog Story
Of course, there are epic battles and shocking plot twists in the X-Men series, but most comic books are built on those plot devices. What makes X-Men different and the reason to give this comic book your support is that it speaks to the championship of the underdogs in society. The X-Men were outcasts.

Their special talents and mutations made them feared and even hated by the rest of society. Most people simply couldn’t accept their differences, despite the obvious benefits of the X-Men mutations. Instead of becoming bitter and angry about the discrimination they faced, the X-Men became heroes as they battle against Magneto.

#2: The Characters Are Seriously Cool
All superheroes, and even the villains found in classic comic books, look great on clothing. Because comics are illustrations, the characters are already recognizable and interesting. That’s a good reason to buy X-Men printed t-shirts, Batman bathrobes, and even Iron Man jackets. However, thanks to the success of the X-Men movies, characters such as Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine have broken into mainstream pop culture. These updated depictions of the X-Men characters are incredibly cool and interesting.

#3: X-Men Is an Equality Story
More than anything X-Men is the story of living beings who want to be equal. The premise for the X-Men comic book is that a group of mutants led by Magneto believes humans and mutants will never be able to coexist. Following this philosophy, Magneto tries to subjugate humanity. Therefore, the X-Men must protect both humanity and mutants from Magneto’s aggression. It doesn’t help that the rest of the world is steeped in similar fear and dislike of the superhuman mutations they can’t understand.

The X-Men’s fight for peace among humans and mutants is also a battle for equality between all beings. It is a story that teaches readers not to fear something they don’t understand or judge a person based on differences, which is a lesson that could definitely be spread much more often.

#4: X-Men Are Marvel’s Most Interesting Team
The X-Men comics are filled with characters, both heroes and villains, from every walk of life and background. While they are all bonded by their mutations, each found his or her way to Professor Xavier at different times and different ways. These backstories and the personalities that slowly creep out in the series are diverse and fascinating. Together, the X-Men are one of Marvel’s most well-rounded and developed set of characters.

What this deep character development means is there is an X-Men character for every person. Some people might relate best to Storm, while others see Wolverine as the true protagonist of the story. Turn to the movies and your idea of the characters changes yet again. Luckily, you can buy X-men printed t-shirts that feature each of the famous superheroes and show off your favorite.

#5: The X-Men Were a 1990’s Favorite
You know the saying that states that everything comes back around? Well, in 2017 people are rediscovering the 90’s and with enthusiasm. Whether it is a rediscovered appreciation for fanny packs or new ways to wear high-waisted jeans. The children of the 90’s are all grown up, but are hungry for trends that hearken back to their childhood. The 1990’s were a heyday for the X-Men. It was a time of excellent writing within the comic book series, and the television show was a massive hit. As the best of the 90’s makes a comeback this year, it is the best time to start wearing X-Men merchandise.

Where to Buy Your T-Shirts
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