5 Awe-Inspiring Examples of 3D Logo Design

Published By Pro Designs, 9 Jan 2018

5 Awe-Inspiring Examples of 3D Logo Design

All a company needs is a well-designed logo to get recognition in the market. A good logo design creates an impact on the customers as it is attractive and eye-catching. Logos are the brand icon or we can say brand identity which is a must to establish your business in the market. Logo design is the most crucial step for branding campaigns.

There are various kinds of logo design types available. The companies can choose from it as per their product types and their business requirements. Every logo design has a specific importance while selecting the logotype for your business. Every type speaks different story when you use them. Companies now are not taking any risk for designing their logos so they get their logos designed by the professional logo designing companies who are maestros in this field.

3D logo design is something different altogether. It is the best way to express the company’s modern vision. It depicts the culture and values of the company visually. This logo design gives a professional look at the heritage of the company. 3D logos speak volumes for itself.
Let us analyze the epic 3D logo design of supergiants in the market:

1.  Audi:

Audi needs no introduction. It is one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Its iconic four rings logo is its identity in the world market. It shows the company’s strength and power and the same it puts in its cars. They have very well used their 3D logo design to create their undisputed image in the market.

2.  Universal Studios:

The most important point for Hollywood is the Universal Studios which is the epitome of movies. The name itself is enough for identification. The 3D logo design encompassing the 3D image of earth describes its influence on the whole world along with striking letters depicting ‘universal studios.’

3.  NBC:

National Broadcasting Company is another in this line of the identified corporation by its 3D logo design. It has a multicolored peacock which is three dimensional. Not a single letter is incorporated in the logo. Peacock only is sufficient to give NBC its market identification. The logo is 3D and is known as NBC Peacock.

4.  Warner Brothers:

Popularly known as Warner Bros., this is an iconic 3D logo design as it is in the shape of a shield. The shield encompasses "WB" curved to fit the shape of the shield with the words "Warner Bros. Pictures Inc." curved on the shield that reflects the authority of their production of movies and other series.

5.  American Airlines:

The airline's company has reconfigured the eagle wings that appear like an airplane tail. Another gradient is added to the red, white, and blue employing a font that doesn’t stray from the original font style Helvetica. Overall the logo has the perfect modern touch and is streamlined as the revamped airline intends to be.

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