5 Advantages That Make OpenCart The Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

Published By Mouzzam Jafri, 18 Sep 2017

5 Advantages That Make OpenCart The Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce is among the fastest developing sectors today. Hundreds of merchants are opening their online stores today to benefit from the huge rush of online shoppers. For the success of an online shop, it is essential to choose the right platform to build their online store. Here we discuss 5 top advantages that make OpenCart the ultimate Ecommerce platform.

Easy to set up
The online store set up process is straight forward and highly user friendly with OpenCart. Both tech-savvy store owners as well as novices can easily create an online shop on this platform so easily. In fact, you will not need to hire a developer and can fully depend on your DIY skills. A good online shop can be opened in just 4 simple steps.

1. Install OpenCart on your computer
2. Choose from the wide range of themes for your store
3. Load the products and enter the product details
4. Configure the different functions and modes including languages, payment and shipment methods
Once these steps are complied with, you can start your Ecommerce business right away receiving orders and selling products. The installation is very easy and will not need any special technical knowledge.

Researches show that customers do not like to shop from those stores that do not load faster. When compared to those stores developed on different other Ecommerce platforms, OpenCart shopping cart is lightweight and loads faster. The superior AJAX technology employed by the site lets the pages load faster. Also, the admin panel is highly user friendly and simple to learn. Managing the store is as simple as possible. Features like one page checkout, smart site structure have greatly simplified the shopper’s experience and make the search and shop navigation easy and hassle free.

Multi-Store Functionality
 OpenCart can support multi-store function enabling the shop owners manage different stores from a single admin panel. Therefore, you can achieve the following functionalities.

 Set up unique customer groups for each of the stores (you can even use this functionality to have some stores for retail customers and some stores for wholesale customers.

 Localize the different stores for different countries with different default settings with regard to language, currency and taxes.

 Use different themes for different stores

 Administer single inventory for different stores

Open source
OpenCart is an open source platform and therefore a free shopping cart. There are absolutely no installation costs. When compared to other shopping carts, OpenCart stores require the lowest maintenance expenses. The platform can suit any hosting and will cost only a few dollars per month. You can choose between free themes as well as chargeable ones and customize the shop on your own without requiring any developer.

Features and Extensions
OpenCart comes with versatile range of functionalities. There are amazing numbers of in-box features. There are more than 7000 extensions for the use of shop owners to develop on the store possibilities. Since the platform offers multiple tax zones so that taxes can be paid depending on the country where the goods are purchased. Over 23 payment gateways to choose from and an advanced report system are attractive features.

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