4 #WordPress Security #Widgets for #WebDevelopment According To Hostgator

Published By Maria Desilva, 21 Dec 2017

4 #WordPress Security #Widgets for #WebDevelopment According To Hostgator

From a simple blog to fully featured website, WordPress is perhaps the most popular blogging platform that supports every kind of website. A statistic provided by hostgator shows that over 26% of all websites worldwide use WordPress. Due to this, spammers and hackers are very keen in breaking into their security. In fact, a number of potential security vulnerabilities are much greater than most people think.

While we think of the obvious things such as using strong passwords, these particular measures cover only a small percentage of the total number of vulnerabilities. Hostgator has given a list of plugins that will ensure the safety of your site. At the same time hostgator coupons and other discount codes are available at xesemas.com. Here are some of the top security plugins that you can use to keep your WordPress website SOCUM.

1. Wordfence

This is one of the best security plugins that features both a premium and free version. Based on the number of licenses you are buying and how long each one is valid, Wordfence can provide some amazing discounts. It covers IP blocking, login security, security scanning and WordPress firewall. It starts by doing a deep scan to check if your site is already infected. It's not only ideal for beginners but pros as well If you are looking for more features you need to try out the premium version which includes a two step authentication, country blocking, and scheduled scanning.

2. Simple Security

Simple security plugin is an Access log that's meant to track failed login attempts. You can add a widget at the dashboard logins and failed logins attempts. If you need more features, you can upgrade to a simple Security Ultra with advanced features including configurable email alert notifications, optional email alert when new PSĀ are added to the blacklist, and optional email alerts after a failed login attempt. In my opinion, it's one of the best plugins to use.

3. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is a free WordPress security plugin that's readily available in the WordPress repository. Just like the free web based scanning tool, it's designed primarily to alert you of any potential problem to your site. This plugin can help you with monitoring and recording all the activities within your WordPress and keeps a log of who is doing what at any given time. It's just like having security camera checking at what's happening at your website- which kind of people are logging in and what they are doing. It also monitors all files including themes, plugins, and WP core. Also, it helps to take some of the critical steps necessary to strengthen your website's security system.

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