4 Ways To Enhance Male Sexual Performance

Published By Samuel Jhon, 27 Oct 2017

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Nothing compares to the feeling of being at your best sexually, especially when it comes to performing in bed. What could be more profound than experiencing the highest form of pleasure that can be derived the sexual act? Of course, you can only ever achieve this if you, as the man, takes control in bed. It also entails getting to know your partner more, and how she responds to your every action.


1. Keep It Exciting

Men who come to regard sex as nothing more than a routine that they have to do day in and day out would inevitably begin to derive lesser pleasure from it. This is why you and your partner shouldn’t force yourselves to have sex if you simply don’t feel like it.


How, you might ask, will you be able to keep the thrill going? Well, you can start by trying out other poses. If you haven’t taken up Kama Sutra yet, now may be the best time to learn about it. Who knows? You might even begin to discover a pose that you and your partner would like a lot. It also stimulates the feeling of trying out something new, which only ever keeps things interesting for you both. Other options for you to consider are foreplay (if you haven’t been doing it) and sex toys and other items that have been proven to improve sex drive and orgasm occurrence.


2. Maintain a Connection with Your Partner

Sex is not just about being physically intimate with each other. Consistent verbal communication has been proven to increase sexual performance as well. After all, if you take the time know what your partner likes (and hates) while you are having sex, you can definitely pinpoint what’s holding you back and address it easier. This requires opening up to each other and being honest about your opinions on various aspects of your sex life. If you know each other’s preferences while having sex, how can you possibly not perform spectacularly?


3. Don’t Forget about Your Health

One of the best ways to stave off any type of impotence that you might encounter is to simply shield yourself from it by prioritizing your health. Erectile dysfunction, for one, is often just the result of poor lifestyle and diet choices. If you want, you can even focus on upping your intake of proven libido-boosting and blood flow-enhancing foods.


Watermelon and avocados are great, as well as broccoli, black raspberries, ginseng, and saffron, to name a few more. Load up on omega-3, which can be found in abundance in fish like salmon and tuna. Optimal blood circulation is nothing short of necessary if you want to always be game for sex, claimed www.bradreviews.com.


4. Be Committed to Remedying Any Condition You Might Have

You can never really remove the possibility of underlying diseases you might have. If you’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, then be proactive in finding and employing ways to treat it. Most of the time, it could be a clandestine culprit like high blood pressure. If this is the case, then you should learn to discipline yourself in terms of improving your overall diet, lifestyle, and, if you have to take them, medications.