3 Great Uses for RV Camping Rugs

Published By Bill Rowell, 6 Sep 2017

3 Great Uses for RV Camping Rugs

Whether you’re setting out on your first RV trip or beginning the first steps of your 10th, there are always many accessories that can help improve your trip without breaking the bank. One such thing, so easily overlooked, are RV Camping Rugs. There are more ways to use a camping rug than you might immediately think! This handy guide will open your eyes to some of the ways to improve your traveling life with something as simple and taken for granted as a rug. Not only can these tips improve the quality of travel for you and your family, but for your guests as well!

1. Use Your RV Camping Rugs As a Portable Porch
Roll your rug out underneath your RV’s side awning and you’ll find yourself in possession of a mobile front porch where previously there was just a little patch of shade. Using a camping rug underneath an awning helps protect your feet and possessions from ground that could be rough, damp, or dirty. In addition, it provides the psychological effect of isolating an area just for leisure and family togetherness. Like the porch on your home, a rug and awning combination can quickly become the go-to place for a sit down with beers and conversation for your family and friends.

2. Tie the Room Together with A Beautiful Rug
The interior of your RV shouldn’t be ignored either! Many RV camping rugs function just as well as interior rugs, protecting the floor and tying the room together visually in a way that plain laminate floors cannot. An interior rug can also help make things cozier, both in appearance and function. A rug removes the cold draftiness of hard floors and also taps into well-established design principles concerning how welcoming a room can be made using carefully placed decorations. If you choose a rug with a great design, you’ll never want anyone to take your rug out of the room!

In addition, a rug placed by the interior entrance to your RV can help prevent the rest of your RV from unnecessary soiling. By having an easily removable and cleanable rug by the door, you can simply wash the rug any time it becomes soiled. Having RV camping rugs means avoiding a whole lot of stress, raised tempers, and needless dirt.

3. Provide a Comfortable Sleeping Spot for a Beloved Pet
If you’re traveling with your pet, it’s easy to forget that the floor of an RV is not as comfortable to your furry friend as your carpets at home. By utilizing an RV rug, you can provide an unobtrusive lounging spot for your lovely pet that will be much warmer and comfortable than the hard floor that most RVs possess.

Not only will this help your pet be rested and in a good mood, it can also help provide a “safe place” for pets if they get nervous during travel, storms, or other unpredictable events on the road. Having a designated sleeping location that is comfortable and warm provides the same mental benefits to your pet as it does for us, but, thankfully, since they have some fur of their own, they don’t need bulky mattresses like we do.

If some of the problems brought up here are ringing a bell in your mind, an RV rug might just be the solution for you. Don’t waste any more time passing up on such a simple, affordable accessory that can improve the quality of your RV time so greatly. Come visit us today at www.rvupgrades.com so we can help you get the rug that’s right for you!

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