3 Alternative Engagement Ring Stones that Sparkle

Published By John Hrq, 13 Sep 2017

3 Alternative Engagement Ring Stones that Sparkle

Diamonds are the classic stone for engagement rings, but that doesn’t mean it is the right choice for every woman. For a variety of reasons, from personal taste to ethical purposes, a growing number of brides-to-be are asking for Alternative Engagement Ring Stones in their ring. Among the choices for an alternative stones, these three are among the most common and most beautiful.

Stunning Sapphire Choices
Sapphires have been an alternative choice in engagement rings for a long time. However, for many years people felt that the sapphire was simply a less expensive option. A few notable celebrities debunked this myth, including the famous ring worn by Princess Diana and passed own to Kate Middleton. For this reason and more, this gorgeous blue stone is shedding its old reputation. Women across the United States are now selecting the sapphire for its color and symbolism.

What many people don’t know is that the sapphire actually comes in a few different colors, but the brilliant blue is the most well known. The blue color is certainly eye catching, but it is also crisp and clean, an easy color to wear every day and never grow tired of seeing. For many women that want alternative engagement ring stones, the blue color is irresistible.

Rich in color and rich in symbolism, the sapphire is often tied to protection. Traditionally, there is a belief that sapphires protect the wearer from evil spirits, but this has evolved to a general belief in protection from mental and emotional harm. The sapphire is also believed to protect from envy, which is a great trait for an engagement ring to have. In addition, the sapphire is associated with loyalty, faithfulness, and sincerity -- all qualities that would serve the wearer well in a marriage.

Gorgeous Green Alternatives
Another popular stone is the emerald. The emerald is associated with a deep, endless green color that hints of dense forest and natural life. The gorgeous color has made the emerald of great interest to many cultures around the world. It was traded and sold throughout Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries for centuries before becoming a suitable stone for engagement rings. The Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and English have all formed a deeply understood cultural desire for the emerald. Thanks to its lengthy history, this precious stone can still cause a stir amongst friends and family, regardless of the size of the stone.

The emerald has had a number of symbolic meanings throughout history. Certain cultures believed it was a sign of fertility or good luck, while others associated it with fidelity and chastity. Interestingly, all of these diverse meanings and associations are excellently fitting when it comes to marriage. Likely the symbolism behind the emerald influences a great number of couples to choose it for their engagement stone.

Red Like the Ruby
Lastly, the ruby remains a popular alternative choice for engagement rings. Like the sapphire and emerald, the ruby has a distinct and noticeable color. The bright red color has drawn kings, wealthy nobles, and many others into its grasp. Certain cultures even consider the ruby to be the most important of all precious stones.

Traditionally, cultures in countries ranging from India and China to Europe all formed a particular fascination with the ruby. On the hand of your loved one, it is easy to see why.

The ruby is a symbol of deep devotion and love. What could be more perfect in an engagement ring? In truth, the other symbolism and meanings of the ruby only make it an even better choice. It is a precious stone of passion and a deep love of life. It is said to increase vitality and increase energy. Lastly, the ruby is a symbol of letting down imaginary walls, and instead letting love in. It is tied to allowing love into your life, which is essential for an engagement.

Choosing an Alternative Stone
It is important to choose a stone with meaning and beauty, but choosing the right one is deeply personal to you and your partner. Often, when selecting an alternative engagement ring stone, the best policy is learning about your loved one’s color preferences and ideal ring, even if it is in a sneaky way.

At Olivia Ewing Jewelry, we create a number of beautiful engagement options set with quality diamonds, but alternative stones often add something special. We give the same attention to detail and careful consideration to selecting alternative engagement ring stones as we do any diamond. It is an assurance that your future fiance will receive the best stone available. Shop our collection of handmade engagement rings today.

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